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Homebrew Filter rev38

Wii, Wii: Update

setialpha hat den Homebrew Filter auf rev38 aktualisiert.





changes to the app-info dialog:

  • DVD icon is now shown if necessary
  • erase button is hidden for apps from DVD
  • edit button no longer overlaps SD/USB/DVD icon (if any)

– BUGFIX: childlock is now saved when HBF exits
– BUGFIX: installer no longer crashes on IOS58 due to early controller initialization (only happened under certain circumstances)
– BUGFIX: compiled with libpng 1.4 to fix a problem in PNG handling
– installer now supports Classic-Controller
– installer now supports GameCube-Controller
– adopt libwiigui changes from ZERO
– BUGFIX: loading apps through wiiload works again
– updated PNGu