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MakeROM v0.18.2

3DS, 3DS: Update


MakeROM erstellt CXI-/CFA-/CCI-/CIA-Dateien für den 3DS.

Dieses Update behebt einige Fehler bei der Initialisierung der Daten.

* [BugFix] Correctly initialize prod InitialData KeyX.
* [BugFix] Properly select CCI CryptoType when not manually specified.

* [BugFix] Fixes bug where initial data wasn't generated correctly ( #107 ).
* [Change] Failures in generating RSA signatures is now a warning, not an error.
* [Change] MakeROM will now give more information about fatal errors. This should help diagnose confusing errors.
* [Change] MakeROM will warn users if the CCI crypto-type isn't supported by the target.