*UPDATE 6* Nintendont v3.306 -> v3.313

nintendontNintendont wurde aktualisiert.


UPDATE 6, 02.03.15, 21:05 Uhr: Nintendont v3.312 und v3.313 wurden veröffentlicht. Probleme mit echten Memory-Cards in einigen Spielen wurden gefixt und einige Freezes wurden behoben.

UPDATE 5, 02.03.15, 15:44 Uhr: Nintendont v3.311 fixt Ghost Recon 2 und Rainbow Six 6, die einzigen zwei Spiele, die kaputt waren.

UPDATE 4, 01.03.15, 20:27 Uhr: Nintendont v3.310 fixt einige Probleme mit Sonic Riders.

UPDATE 3, 01.03.15, 01:11 Uhr: Nintendont v3.309 fixt einige Crashes in X-Men Legends 2.

UPDATE 2, 28.02.15, 20:32 Uhr: Die Spiele sollten nun so schnell laufen wie von der Disc, dies fixt einige seltsame Probleme, wie z.B. keine Musik in Kururin Squash.

UPDATE, 28.02.15, 02:10 Uhr: Nintendont wurde etwas stabiler gemacht.

Super Monkey Ball erhält einen Widescreen-Patch und es kann nun von SD/USB gelesen werden, ohne dass ein CD-Laufwerk vorhanden ist.

-limited the amount of fake interrupt checks to 120 times a second, this should still give a rather quick overall loading speed and should prevent certain games from creating a read overflow and freezing itself with that

-relocated interrupt and audio streaming registers into mem2 to avoid problems with real memory cards in certain games

-wrote a special arstartdma exception for the last 2 broken games, ghost recon 2 and rainbow six 3, now both should run just fine

-added wait patch for sonic riders so on loading screens the game doesnt try to copy non-loaded files, should fix the game crashing at random file loads

-added a code fix for certain crashes in x-men legends 2
-excluded sonic fighers from the arstartdma list

-added a small disc read delay which should make sure that the read speed is somewhat equal to the original disc drive, this should fix some weird game issues such as suddenly stopping music in kururin squash
-added the japanese wind waker demo to the __gxsetvat list
-added sonic mega collection and moved sonic gems collection arstartdma exception

-worked more on the code from the previous version to get it more stable overall

-fixed some broken pad rumble code and added a missing pattern
-changed up some disc code, it should still work just like before, the only difference is that no actual disc drive needs to be in place to work from sd/usb
-added widescreen patch for super monkey ball