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Source von DIOS-MIOS Lite released


G0dlike kaufte den DML Source Code und veröffentlichte ihn!


Ab zur Source!

Der gute G0dlike hat den Source Code von DIOS-MIOS Lite released! DIOS-MIOS Lite emuliert das Disc Interface für Gamecube Spiele und man kann somit Gamecube Spiele von SD mithilfe von SNEEK spielen!

This is the source for DML, released under GNU v3.

As its christmas already and I feel like giving here you go: http://code.google.com/p/dios-mios-lite-source-project/

Any contributions are welcome, there has not been much progress with DML bc Devs are busy with their own respective projects and of course real life is biting.

Merry christmas.