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Schlagwort: lunar

Lunar Magic v2.40

Wii: Update , ,

Lunar Magic IconFuSoYa hat seinen beliebten Level-Editor für Super Mario World "Lunar Magic" aktualisiert. Gleichzeitig feiert das Tool seinen 15. Geburtstag und seinen 40. Release. Definitiv das älteste Tool auf der WiiDatabase!


Die Änderungen könnt ihr im Changelog nachlesen.

This release of Lunar Magic adds support for ExAnimation on the overworld, more overworld exit path indexes, .palmask files to specify which colors in the palette should be imported into your level, more zoom levels, 8x8 tile fill in the overworld editor, improved Z-order related commands in the level editor, and other small changes and features. Check the "What's New" section of the help file for the full list. 

Note that this version also adds an option that scans the user area of the ROM for nested RATs on Full Restore Point creation. This can sometimes help detect corruption caused by third party tools and patches soon after it happens, rather than having it go unnoticed for long periods of time. If you'd rather not get this notification, you can turn it off in the restore options.