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USBLoader GX Theme Creator v1.04 und Homebrew Channel Theme Creator Test 3

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Das Team von Wii.Spiffy360.com hat den USBLoader GX Theme Creator auf v1.04 aktualisiert und schon im August den Homebrew Channel Theme Creator in der 3. Testversion veröffentlicht!

Download USBLoader GX Theme Creator

Download Homebrew Channel Theme Creator

USBLoader GX Theme Creator Changelog:

– Fix bug in ".them" file. (line 239: msgid "1.0

– Overrided clock scale factor. 1.0=allow user setting")

– Better "list" display.


Homebrew Channel Theme Creator Changelogs:

Test 3

– When you first launch the software asks you to select the language to use.



Test 2

– New function to select the text colors.

– Modification of the "menu bar".

– Fix some bugs.

– No user manual for now.


Test 1

– First test version.

– No user manual for now.


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