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wad2bin v0.7

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update


Installiert WAD-Dateien direkt auf die SD-Karte.

Die TitleID des Eltern-Titels muss für DLCs leider wieder angegeben werden, da einige Spiele auch DLCs von anderen Titeln nutzen können. DLC-Daten lassen sich jetzt auch mit einem genullten Key verschlüsseln, was Probleme mit älteren Spielen (wie "Rock Band 2") behebt, wenn diese per Disc gestartet werden. Ansonsten gab es nur Bugfixes und ein kleiner Rewrite des TMD-, Ticket- und Zertifikatsketten-Handling.


* Removed parent title ID generation for DLC WADs. This doesn't work properly with games that are capable of using DLCs from other games.
* * The hardcoded DLC title ID list is still being used as a filter to know if any converted DLCs will work or not.
* Added support for encrypting converted DLC data with a null key. Fixes issues with older games launched through the Disc Channel, such as Rock Band 2.
* * Please read the guidelines from the readme! Even if a null key is used, a patched IOS is still needed if the DLC ticket wasn't issued for the target console and you intend to launch the game through the Disc Channel.
* Added The Beatles: Rock Band DLC to the hardcoded DLC title ID list.
* Written content padding is now encrypted as well.
* Several fixes to the U8 archive parsing code.
* Fixed a silly ECSDA -> ECDSA typo.
* Reworked certificate chain, ticket and TMD handling.
* Implemented RSA signature verification in certificates, tickets and TMDs.
* * Fixes a bug where the ticket would have been fakesigned even if it was perfectly valid.
* Useful info is now displayed at the end of the conversion process. Please read it.