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Wiimms SZS Tools v1.11a r4205

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Wiimm aktualisiert auch 2013 seine SZS Tools!



– If creating the KCL file, the world will be enlarged by the KCL_BLOW value
to avoid problems at the world border.

– New parameter for KCL/octree fine tuning: If KCL_MAX_SIZE is set, triangle
lists are not defined for cubes, that are larger than this parameter.
Instead new sub cubes with smaller triangle lsits are defined. The maximaum
and default value for KCL_MAX_SIZE is 1024*1024 (~1 million).

– New flag for –KCL=list: CENTER: If creating a new octree, adjust the cube
entrance values so that the real world is centered in the cube world.

– Some old and for a long time obsolate keywords removed.