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Wiimms Tools: Wiimms ISO & WBFS Tools (wit & wwt) v2.09a r4047 und Wiimms SZS Tools v1.04a r4050

Wii, Wii: Update

Wiimm hat seine Tools aktualisiert! Die neuen Versionen sind  "Wiimms ISO & WBFS Tools (wit & wwt) v2.09a r4047" und "Wiimms SZS Tools v1.04a r4050"

Wiimms ISO Tools:

Download von WIT.Wiimm.de

Wiimms SZS Tools:

Download von SZS.Wiimm.de

Wiimms ISO Tools Changelog:

– Option –scan-progress prints more info and flush every log output.

– Bug fix: "wit MOVE a.wbfs …" will work now.

– New escapes for output files: The old '%f' is the source filename without path (like ’name.ext'). Now we have also '%g' and '%h' as split of '%f': '%g' is file name without extension (’name') and '%h' is the extension ('.ext').

– Bug fix: "wit COPY –recurse a –dest b" threw an error, because the tool thought, that no source was defined (same as with –source before).


Wiimms SZS Tools Changelog:

– Bug fix for v1.03a: With some option combinations, the KCL generator failed and created an invalid KCL (if modifying an existing KCL) or a valid KCL with some unwanted triangles (if importing from OBJ).

– Option –kcl: Better handling of DROP modes.

– Option –kcl: Correct handling, if 'DROP-UNUSED' and 'NEW' are set together. (Same message as before, but now I have fixed one forgotten special case).

– "wszst CHECK" will now compare the number of cannons in KCL and KMP.

– New option: "wszst NORMALIZE –minimap": If –minimap is set, the minimap is automatically adjusted like "wszst MINIMAP –auto" does it. All other options like –scale are ignored for this kind of minimap processing.

– New option: "wszst minimap –set-flags=flags": Set the MDL flags to an user defined value (default 0x31f).

– The tools accept now 'Yaz1' files in the exact same manner as 'Yaz0' files hoping that the data structure and the compression method are the same.

– New options: –yaz0 and –yaz1: Force the magic of new created YAZ files to 'Yaz0' or 'Yaz1'.

– Object database updated.


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