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xyzzy v1.3.0 Mod
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Mit xyzzy lassen sich die OTP- und SEEPROM-Encryption-Keys der Wii und vWii extrahieren.

Entwickler bushing, DarkMatterCore
Dateigröße 1,07 MB
Letztes Update

Der SD-Key, SD-IV und MD5-Blanker werden nun mitgedumpt, genauso wie die device.cert. Natürlich gab es auch einige kleinere Verbesserungen und Bugfixes.

* Dumps SD Key from the ES module from the running IOS (loaded from NAND).
* Dumps SD IV and MD5 Blanker from the System Menu binary.
* Saves the raw device.cert to the SD card root.
* Replaced tabs with spaces in the output keys.txt file.
* Improvements to the OTP/SEEPROM read functions. Unaligned reads are now handled more efficiently.
* Fixed an issue where trying to read SEEPROM data starting from an offset higher than zero would return garbage data.
* Added an unused SEEPROM write function capable of handling unaligned writes. Might be useful for someone else.

Danke an TeleTubby666 für den Hinweis!