Atmosphère v0.11.1

Atmosphère v0.18.1 (1545fa9d)
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Atmosphère ist die originale Custom Firmware für die Nintendo Switch.

Entwickler SciresM, TuxSH, hexkyz, fincs
Dateigröße 6,34 MB
Letztes Update

Diese Version ist kein Pre-Release mehr.

Einige Showstopper-Bugs wurden behoben; darunter einer, der zum Absturz jeglicher Spiele führte.

* A bug was fixed that could cause owls to flicker under certain circumstances.
* * For those interested in technical details, in 10.0.0 kernelldr/kernel no longer set cpuactlr_el1, assuming that it was set correctly by the secure monitor.
* * However, exosphere did not set cpuactlr_el1. This meant that the register held the reset value going into boot.
* * This caused a variety of highly erratic symptoms, including causing basically any game to crash seemingly randomly.
* A number of other major inaccuracies in exosphere were corrected.
* General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.