Atmosphère v0.18.1

Atmosphère v0.19.4 (2ab01ad3)
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Atmosphère ist die originale Custom Firmware für die Nintendo Switch.

Entwickler SciresM, TuxSH, hexkyz, fincs
Dateigröße 6,27 MB
Letztes Update
Signatur-Patches Switch-Firmware 1.0.0 bis 12.0.3 und Atmosphère v0.19.4 (2ab01ad3)

Signatur-Patches für Custom Firmware zur Installation von unsignierten NSPs und konvertierten XCIs.

Entwickler Verschiedene
Lizenz Unbekannt
Dateigröße 31,00 kB
Letztes Update

Ein Fehler in "dns.mitm" wurde behoben, der zu einem Absturz führte, wenn u.a. Werbung auf YouTube blockiert wurde. Aufgrund eines Fehler in "ams.mitm" funktionierten auch einige DLCs nicht korrekt.

* A number of minor issues were fixed, including:
* * The new dns.mitm module added in 0.18.0 no longer fatal errors when receiving port=nullptr.
* * * This fixes youtube ad-blocking, and possibly other usecases.
* * A bug was fixed that caused ams.mitm to incorrectly cache data storages.
* * * This potentially broke DLC when using romfs mods, and could have caused other issues (e.g. with custom themes, and maybe other cases).
* * A bug was fixed in power state control module registration.
* * * This might fix a weird edge case with system module dependencies on sleep/wake, but probably nobody should notice any differences.
* * A bug was fixed where mesosphere sometimes treated virtual core IDs as though they were physical core IDs.
* * * This had zero impact, because for Switch virtual core == physical core, but it could have affected future platforms if it had remained unresolved.
* Several issues were fixed, and usability and stability were improved.