TWiLight Menu++ v18.5.0

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Das TWiLight Menu++ sieht aus wie das DSi-Menü und kann in Verbindung mit NDS-Bootstrap DS-Homebrews und DS-Spiele von der SD-Karte abspielen.

Entwickler RocketRobz
Dateigröße 34,83 MB
Letztes Update

TWLMenu lässt sich im "Macro Mode" komplett auf dem unteren Bildschirm anzeigen und IR funktioniert auf dem 3DS wieder.


What's new?
* A single-screen mode called Macro Mode has been added, and runs entirely on the bottom screen! Useful for consoles with the GameBoy Macro mod.
* Added Atari XEGS to TWLMenu++ Virtual Console!
* * .xex and .atr files are launched by XEGS-DS (@wavemotion-dave).
* If the launched homebrew contains an ARM9 binary bigger than 3.5MB, it'll have Unlaunch boot it.
* * Works around the black screen bug in the DSi port of Super Mario 64 (not 64 DS), so you can save your progress!
* Added AP fix for Spanish translation of Gyakuten Kenji 2/Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecuter's Path.
* 3DS theme: Removed GBA icon.
* * It is kept in DS mode with the Native GBA option set.

* (@Epicpkmn11 and various) Updated translations.
* Improved homebrew check.

Bug fixes
* 3DS consoles: Fixed IR not working in games that support it.
* * Achieved by rebooting the console before booting the game, if there's something inserted in Slot-1.
* (@Epicpkmn11) Fixed some bugs related to font rendering.
* DSi-based themes: Fixed TWLMenu++ crashing with a Guru Meditation Error, if running via Memory Pit.