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Emuliert amiibo mittels BIN-Dumps.

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amiibo-Dumps werden nicht mehr benötigt. Mit dem enthaltenen PC-Programm lässt sich ein "virtuelles amiibo" erstellen, ohne, dass ein BIN-Dump benötigt wird! Dazu werden die einzigartigen IDs dieser amiibo von einer Online-API geladen. Die amiibo werden jetzt außerdem aus dem Ordner "SD://emuiibo/amiibo" geladen und ein Unterordner mit der TItle ID des Spiels lässt sich anlegen, falls amiibo nur in bestimmten Spielen benutzt werden sollen.


* Emuiibo has been fully rewritten, what involves several changes:
** Amiibo moves should be faster now since on previous versions the amiibo dir would be re-scanned (thus iterated over every amiibo) each time user moved to the next amiibo.
** Amiibo structure and filesystem layout have changed to a WAY more proper one. (see below)
* New amiibo structure - dumps no longer required!
** The only relevant part of an amiibo is its unique ID (the rest can be emulated), thus having online databases of this IDs, dumps are useless, but still supported ;)
** Amiibos go now inside /emuiibo/amiibo/ for a better directory layout. Don't worry about backwards compatibility. (see below)
** Amiibos can be placed inside /emuiibo/amiibo// to be only used in that specific game. Amiibos outside those directories will be used on any game.
** Backwards compatibility for any kind of amiibo, considering that 3 types exist: single dumps, 0.2.x format and the new 0.3+ format
* Say hello to a new tool to create virtual amiibos easily - emuGUIibo!
** Made using Windows Forms, so should be supported by Mono
** Accesses a full amiibo list from an online API, so the user just has to select an amiibo and customize it!
** Amiibos are generated on the user-specified directory. If a drive with /emuiibo directory is detected, emuGUIibo will assume it's a console's SD card and default (but not force) that path.
* (Probably developer only) nfp:emu service changes:
** Commands were renamed and reordered, so make sure you update your implementation.
** Added new command to get emuiibo version by 3 integers (major.minor.micro)