Homebrew Filter rev37

hamachi-mp hat den Homebrew Filter aufgegeben. Doch setialpha  hat ihn weiterentwickelt!




– improved update-mechanism:

  • copy the old boot.dol to prev.dol
  • save the downloaded file rather than loading from RAM
  • BUGFIX: make downloading a Beta version work

– BUGFIX: installer no longer crashes when IOS253 exists
– IOS253 is no more selectable as IOS to load an app with
– added a new loader-menu (allows to enter special loaders):

  • NAND-Emu (Uniiloader)
    (must be one of sd:/apps/NANDEmu-Boot/boot.dol
    HBF only allows to boot into Uniiloader if IOS253 is present
  • Priiloader
    returns to priiloader (regardless of autoboot setting)

– 'Return to System Menu' now ignores Priiloader and always enters System Menu
– Support for Homebew on DVD
– if HW_AHBPROT is available also apply DI2_ReadLimit and NewTrucha patches
– No longer show the HBC if it’s installed
– New option for disabling the 'All' category (takes effect only if atleast
one other category exists (obviously)) [ZERO]
– BUGFIX: changing pages in an empty category no longer crashes [ZERO]
– Accessing devices formatted as EXT2/3/4 should now be noticeably faster
– compiled with devkitppc 25-1 and libogc 1.8.10 (support for latest WiiMotes)
– For theme designers: the following new icons have been added:

  • choice_large (device menu)
  • dvd_active (device menu)
  • dvd_inactive (device menu)
  • all_active (device menu)
  • all_inactive (device menu)
  • loader_active (loader menu)
  • loader_inactive (loader menu)

– Additional Credits

  • stfour (priiloader magic words)
  • double_A/R2-D2199 (func for priiloader detection)