NitroHax v0.96.NTR

NitroHaxahezard und Apache Thunder haben NitroHax aktualisiert.


NitroHax läuft nun im TWL-Modus und schaltet dann beim Starten eines Spiels in den NTR-Modus um. Das heißt, es wird keine gepatchte TWL_FIRM mehr benötigt! Zudem wird vor dem Starten eines Spiels jetzt ein Bootsplash mit Sound angezeigt. In dieser Version ist allerdings die Touch-Steuerung nicht funktional, daher müssen die Knöpfe benutzt werden. Näheres im Changelog.

- Boot Splash and MaxMod audio system implemented. Boot animation and sound now plays just prior to launching the game.
- Debug squares disabled. They clash with the new bootsplash. A debug build will be provided with them enabled for those who need to report an issue with a card not working.
- All commits going back to Mar 30, 2016 have been undone to ensure this works properly with ahezard's fork of libnds and that it operates correctly in TWL mode.
- Touch screen controls for the UI seem to be broken right now. Button controls still work. This will be fixed by ahezard at some point. Most likely something in his libnds fork or something in the UI code needs to be updated to work correctly in TWL mode.
- runCheatEngine call in main.cpp moved into the while loop. This allows the program to break and exit if the error screen for no cartridge is triggered. Now the user can press any button/touchscreen while on that error screen to have it fade out and exit back to home menu. :D