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PostLoader v4.1.3

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Lange Zeit hat man nichts vom PostLoader gehört. stfour hat diesen letzten Monat aktualisiert!




* Added support for LULZ HBC title id
* Added a fade in effect when showing the gui
* Better managment of parental control. Advanced options are now hidden, not the
full menu. Now only way to disable it is pressing the "config" button

priibooter_gui 4.8

* Added support for LULZ HBC title id
* Added option to start postloader using the channel. This will grant that
AHBPROT is disabled. Works better with plforwarder.5.1.5.wad (available in the
dist package)
* Faster fade in/out



* Fixed a memory corruption when parsing diconfig.bin
* Added code for multilanguage support
* Removed "Remove stub.bin" option.
* Reset button will now switch to system menu (as it should already do…).
* Fixed nandcfg.bin parsing (thx cipazza)



* WII Games selection bug under neek(2o) should be fixed



* Added basic support for neek2o r95 (note that older neek2o versions are
supported no more)
* Removed built in neek2o game scanner
* Fixed detection of elf file parameters that could crash executed programs



* fixed another neek code dumps
! note that postloader is unable to ISFS access to /sneek/nandcfg.bin in latest
neek2o betas



* fixed neek code dumps