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postLoader Mod v4.7.96

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update , ,

Thedax hat die Modifikation des postLoaders aktualisiert.


Nintendont kann nun gestartet werden, allerdings nur Versionen die neuer als v1.98 sind. Außerdem wurde der Autoupdate-Server geändert, damit er immer auf die inoffizielle Modifikation zeigt.

•postLoader now supports booting Nintendont via argsboot.
•postLoader will no longer boot Nintendont versions lower than 1.98.
•postLoader will now print Nintendont version information in the debug log, if Nintendont 3.324 or newer is found.
•PostLoader's autoupdate server has moved, and has been updated accordingly (my unofficial builds are still not on there, though).

postLoader Mod v4.7.95

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update , , ,

thedax hat den postLoader von stfour geforkt und eine neue Version online gestellt.


Dieser Fork unterstützt den Wii U Pro Controller (Bluetooth!), den PlayStation 3 Controller (nur USB) und Nintendont. Außerdem wurden ein paar kleine Bugs behoben und einige Option neu strukturiert. Den vollen Changelog gibt’s auf GitHub.

Der postLoader ist ein Systemmenü-Ersatz mit vielen Extras. Er kann wahlweise automatisch mit dem PriiLoader gestartet werden.

postLoader v4.7.4

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update , , , , ,

stfour hat nach einiger Zeit wieder den postLoader aktualisiert.


Der postLoader ist ein Systemmenü-Ersatz mit vielen Extras. Er kann wahlweise automatisch mit dem PriiLoader gestartet werden. Er kann sogar als USB-Loader fungieren und NEEK starten!

Neu ist ein verändertes Plugin-System, womit man nun verschiedene Emulatoren für ein Spiel nutzen kann. Sonst gab es nur Bugfixes und Perfomanceverbesserungen.


postLoader 4.7.4

* Fix files without extension detected as rom
* updated plugins.conf with latest corrections. 
* Starting from now, plugins.conf has a version number (v.1)

postLoader 4.7.3

* fix roms/folders dupes

postLoader 4.7.2

* fixed category issue in wii/gamecube games
* updated download site to http://postloader.dnsdynamic.net, the new official site for downloads

postLoader 4.7.1

* remove useless file thread locking system.
* increased thread priority for covercache. This will solve sound stuttering and very slow file writing during creation of cover cache files (if enabled)
* now postloader select exact cover name for covers
* postloader require customfat (and customntfs) to be compiled (from wiiflow). Some file where missing during games/roms browsing with standard library.

postLoader 4.7.0

* new plugin managment system. Now roms are organized on per-system basis. When you select a rom, you can choose your preferred emulator. The plugin.cfg file has a new sintax.

postLoader 4.6.2

* updated grlib library (added transparency option for icon/panel borders)
* ChannelBrowser: updated find_title_name function. Thx kuwanger!!!
* little ui changes

postLoader v4.6.1

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update , , ,

stfour hat seinen postLoader aktualisiert.


Wir bieten euch die Version 4.6.1 an, die bisher nur über das Update verfügbar ist!

Der postLoader wurde schneller gemacht, besonders im emuNAND. Außerdem wurden Bugs gefixt und die allgemeine Perfomance verbessert.

postLoader 4.6.1
* emuBrowser: fixed dsi when browsing ntfs partitions
* changed hourglass icon with something more "modern"
* new locking method for covercache thread
* various fixes

postLoader 4.6.0
* now every mode allocate it's structure to mem2... tested with up to 23767 unique roms (thank abz)
* emuBrowser: now all partiotions should handled correctly
* various fixes

postLoader 4.5.4
* emuBrowser: introduced some more checking, like rom name checking. Only one rom is added if the same path is specified on another plugin
* fixed a memory issue with screensaver
* much faster ms_strcmp function. This should speedup a lot of operations
* various fixes

postLoader 4.5.3
* emuBrowser: Reduced memory occupation. Depending on roms path names, also more then 50%
* minor fixes

postLoader 4.5.2
* rolled back to the damn slow sd logging system

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postLoader v4.4.4

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update , , , ,

stfour hat seinen postLoader wieder mal aktualisiert.


* added a flag in plugins.conf to enable/disable plugins. Check the file!
* added mutex for almost any file i/o. Seems that postLoader no more hang occasionally
* added "Return to real WII" in exit menu when working in neek2o
* the folder for covers can now be changed. Check "ploader/paths.conf.sample" and rename it to "paths.conf". Postloader uses sd:// and usb://, usb2://, usb3://, usb4:// for additional partitions)
* minor fixes

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postLoader v4.4.3

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update , , , , , , ,

stfour hat wieder seinen postLoader aktualisiert. Moment – war das nicht vor ein paar Stunden?


postLoader 4.4.3

* removed some debug messages
* minor fixes

postLoader 4.4.2

* fixed buffer allocation error in mem2 that was causing a dsi
* covercache now uses a single large buffer in mem2 for covers
* added mutex in mp3 player to control multithreaded file io
* minor fixes (also a typo in plugins.conf)..

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postLoader v4.4.1

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update , , , , , , ,

stfour hat seinen postLoader aktualisiert.


postLoader 4.4.1

* added new tag to plugin.conf to specify alternate dol search path (more info in the the file)
* removed option menu
* when a an icon is clicked, a full res cover is displayed.
* postloader binary configuration file is no more resetted if size changes
* emuBrowser: fixed filters issue if plugins.conf file is modified
* changed, again, sigh :( semaphores in covercache, hoping that this will stop occasionally hangs
* various fixs...

postLoader 4.4.0

* covers are scaled down to save memory
* added "Enable TEX cache" in "config->advanced option". If enabled a folder /ploader/tex will be created, and a rgb raw texture will be saved. 
This give a great boost on cover update speed but require up to 144Kb per covers on the device. Note that disabling it will remove all cached textures.
* covers lookup for emus is much faster

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postLoader v4.3.0

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update , , , , , , ,

stfour hat seinen postLoader aktualisiert.


Es wurden eine menge Bugs gefixt!

* appBrowser: fixed a memory corruption with more than 86 homebrew. The real limit is 256, and once reached, it should no codedump. (thx MassiveRican)
* appBrowser: current subfolder/page is correctly restored after executing an homebrew.
* appBrowser: changed format of cache.
* appBrowser: <long_desc> tag is read from the meta.xml when required.
* emuBrowser: now supports .png, .jpg, .bmp covers
* emuBrowser: added support for emulator's plugin arguments ({device},{path},{name},{loader},{titlelow},{titlehi},{loadername}
* emuBrowser: added auto import of retroarch snapshots as covers. Note that if enabled (home->Auto import...) any .bmp will be removed from :/retroarch folder
* emuBrowser: fixed displaying of the same cover for multiple roms.
* emuBrowser: plugins.conf has a new format. Please update from full dist.
* various fix/code optimizations.

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postLoader v4.2.2

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update , , , , , ,

stfour hat seinen postLoader aktualisiert.


postLoader 4.2.2

* gameBrowser: fixed game name handling for wii and gamecube games

postLoader 4.2.1

* AppBrowser: as requested subfolder support is back.
* nandBooter v2.5: fixed crash
* changed wait panel for most i/o operation
* switching browsing mode is more smoother

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postLoader v4.2.0

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update , , , ,

stfour hat den postLoader aktualisiert. Enthalten sind viele sinnvolle Verbesserungen. Lest euch am besten selbst den Changelog durch!


postLoader 4.2.0

* AppBrowser: changed category managment system
* AppBrowser: Fixed hidden applications
* AppBrowser: better and faster xml parsing
* AppBrowser: added a caching system. Now it is almost instant. New hb are automatically added to cache. Changes of actual xml may require a manual refresh ([home]->refresh cache)
* AppBrowser: postloader setting are moved from application xml to cache system.
* GameBrowser: changed configuration file layout. (speedup, less memory used)
* GameBrowser: titles.txt is now applied only when refreshing cache. (speedup)
* GameBrowser: removed "Clean Title Configuration" menu item (obsolete)
* ChannelBrowser: changed configuration file layout. (speedup, less memory used)
* ChannelBrowser: titles.txt is now applied only when refreshing cache. (speedup)
* EmuBrowser: great speedup when scrolling a large amout of rom
* Added an option in configuration to change mp3 playback volume
* Reduced memory allocation: titles.txt is loaded only when needed
* On screen keyboard can now enter lowercase text
* Fixed some filtering issues
* Various code cleanup and fix
* enhancements in grlib library (menu button width selectable,keyboard etc.etc)
* new faster cfg library
* moved autoboot informations from options menu to "about postloader" menu
* n2oboot.ini che be configured in option menu (available only when executed in neek2o)
* updated readmii.txt (v1.9). Not yet complete but better then the old one.

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postLoader v4.1.5

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update , ,

stfour hat den postLoader aktualisiert!

postLoader 4.1.5

* usb in neek2o is now accessed via ums (thx overjoy for the info). neek2o > r86 may be required.

postLoader 4.1.4

* postloader will now write (something) on usb dev when starting. Some hdd (basically on wd elements usb 3) are really slow on first write after reloading ios.
* Disabled debug output (please request debug versions if needed)

priibooter_gui 4.9

* Button press is checked also when fading out