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postLoader v4.7.4

stfour hat nach einiger Zeit wieder den postLoader aktualisiert.


Der postLoader ist ein Systemmenü-Ersatz mit vielen Extras. Er kann wahlweise automatisch mit dem PriiLoader gestartet werden. Er kann sogar als USB-Loader fungieren und NEEK starten!

Neu ist ein verändertes Plugin-System, womit man nun verschiedene Emulatoren für ein Spiel nutzen kann. Sonst gab es nur Bugfixes und Perfomanceverbesserungen.

postLoader 4.7.4

* Fix files without extension detected as rom
* updated plugins.conf with latest corrections. 
* Starting from now, plugins.conf has a version number (v.1)

postLoader 4.7.3

* fix roms/folders dupes

postLoader 4.7.2

* fixed category issue in wii/gamecube games
* updated download site to, the new official site for downloads

postLoader 4.7.1

* remove useless file thread locking system.
* increased thread priority for covercache. This will solve sound stuttering and very slow file writing during creation of cover cache files (if enabled)
* now postloader select exact cover name for covers
* postloader require customfat (and customntfs) to be compiled (from wiiflow). Some file where missing during games/roms browsing with standard library.

postLoader 4.7.0

* new plugin managment system. Now roms are organized on per-system basis. When you select a rom, you can choose your preferred emulator. The plugin.cfg file has a new sintax.

postLoader 4.6.2

* updated grlib library (added transparency option for icon/panel borders)
* ChannelBrowser: updated find_title_name function. Thx kuwanger!!!
* little ui changes

The Homebrew Filter rev41

setialpha/nano hat den Homebrew Filter auf rev41 aktualisiert.


- fixed auto-connecting Internet via WiFi
- fixed video initialization problem at PAL 50Hz
- fixed categorizing apps from SD Gecko
- removed remaining references to HBC
- basic support for WifiGecko
  * most messages are shown via WifiGecko. Those that are sent prior to network initialization will be missing
  * option to en/disable WifiGecko (settings->network)
  * no option yet to change IP and Port, currently sending to (you change your PCs IP from Router configuration interface)
- support for SDCardGecko (not SD Gecko!)
  * saves debug messages to SD:/config/HBF/debug.txt
  * endless logging, different logs are split with an "HBF Log (YYYY-MM-DD / HH:MM:SS)" message. HBF never deletes the logfile on it's own.
Note: ** Gecko priority: **
	1. SD Card Gecko / 2. Wifi Gecko / 3. USB Gecko
	if SD Card Gecko is enabled, there's no messages send via Wifi or USB and so on. By default HBF tries to connect to USB Gecko.