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Red Viper v0.9.5

3DS, 3DS: Update ,

Red Viper

Ein Virtual-Boy-Emulator für den 3DS – natürlich mit 3D-Support!

Die Buttons können beliebig umgemapped und Konfigurationen pro Spiel angepasst werden. Ferner wurde ein seltener Absturz beim Start behoben


Control changes
* New "Custom" control scheme (#67)
* In the Custom control scheme, any 3DS button can be mapped to any VB button
* Toggle and Turbo modes are available for each button
* The previous control menu is still available as "Preset" for its ease of use
* Added remapping option to 3DS D-Pad in Preset mode (#65)
* Virtual buttons on the touchscreen can now be set to the face buttons by default
* "Switch" button can now be turned off

Other settings changes
* Configurations can now be game-specific, including controls, graphics, etc
* Moved rv_config.ini to a more standard location (sdmc:/config/red-viper)
* The red-viper directory with savestates and per-game configs can be moved by manually editing rv_config.ini
* Added VBLink for homebrew developers, accessible by pressing Y on the main menu (will be supported in future versions of VUEngine Studio)

Other changes
* Improved stability for capture cards
* Fixed occasional bug where the emulator would crash on startup

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