Snickerstream v0.90b

RattletraPM hat Snickerstream für den 3DS aktualisiert.


Das Programm hat jetzt einen Updater integriert, der auf neue Versionen prüft. Auch trennt Snickerstream die Verbindung zum 3DS jetzt automatisch nach sechs Sekunden ohne Antwort (Zeit kann erhöht werden, wenn "ReturnAfterMsec" umgestellt wird) und ein Frame Limiter wurde hinzugefügt, wenn "Framelimit=XX" (wobei "XX" durch die gewünschte FPS ersetzt werden muss) in die settings.ini eingetragen wird. Dies ersetzt das "Framelock"-Feature.

Zu guter Letzt wurden noch der Ressourcenbedarf und die Perfomance durch Erhöhung des internen UDP-Buffers verbessert, Screenshots verstecken den Mauscursor und die Titelleiste zeigt den Status des Programms an. Näheres im Changelog.


New features:
* Snickerstream will now try to allow itself through Windows Firewall if ran as admin (requires Windows Vista/Server 2008 or later and the script to be compiled).
* An update warner has been added, it will check for new versions as soon as Snickerstream has been launched (can be disabled, only works for official releases). Thanks to Real96 for the suggestion!
* Auto-disconnect feature: Snickerstream will now automatically return to the connection window if the 3DS disconnects (aka a certain amount of time passes without any frames being recieved). The default amount is set to 6 seconds but can be adjusted by adding/editing ReturnAfterMsec in settings.ini (setting it to 0 or a negative value will disable this feature). Thanks to /u/DaWoblefet on the 3dshacks subreddit for the suggestion!
* Frame limiter (disabled by default): you can now limit the number of frames per second displayed by the prioritized screen. Useful if you have a bad connection or you prefer a stream with a constant framerate rather than having your FPS jump around to the maximum possible value at all times. This feature can be enabled by adding/editing Framelimit=XX in settings.ini, where XX specifies the desired maximum FPS you want for the prioritized screen (setting it to 0 or a negative value will disable it). If enabled, the frame prioritized screen’s FPS will be displayed on the title bar, thus letting you know that the limiter is working as intended.

Improvements & Bug fixes:
* The internal UDP buffer has been decreased from 2000 to 1448 bytes, slightly improving performance and decreasing resource usage.
* The title bar will now show the client’s status while waiting for a 3DS to connect (ex. “Starting remoteplay…”, “Connecting…”, etc.)
* Screenshots will only capture the windows’ contents, with the mouse cursor being hidden again.
* If Snickerstream won’t automatically detect your monitor’s scaling settings you’ll be able to manually set the streaming window’s initial size by setting “CustomWidth” and “CustomHeight” to your preferred values in settings.ini. Please note that these options will only resize the window and WON’T scale its contents! (See the wiki on GitHub for more info)