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Snickerstream ist ein verbesserter NTRViewer, um den Bildschirm eines New3DS per NTR CFW oder HzMod auf den PC zu streamen.

Entwickler RattletraPM
Dateigröße 2,28 MB
Letztes Update

HzMod wird jetzt unterstützt – für Pro und Kontra siehe das GitHub-Wiki. Der Direct2D-Renderer wurde aktualisiert und damit auch der Interpolation-Mode-Count von zwei auf sechs erhöht, auch wurde das Logging verbessert. Zu guter Letzt wurden noch ein paar kleinere Verbesserungen und Bugfixes vorgenommen – näheres im Changelog.


New features
* Initial HzMod support. This alone should warrant a paragraph of its own, but for shortness' sake check the full details on the Wiki for its pros and cons against NTR.
* The Direct2D renderer has been updated from D2D v1.0 to v1.1. This was mainly required for HzMod support but it also bumped up the interpolation mode count from 2 to 6!
* A function to remap the hotkeys without having to edit the INI file manually has been added to the advanced menu.
* More logging options: you can now log to a file, a console window or both. Also, logging at loglevel 3 is a little less spammy now.

Improvements & Bug fixes:
* The renderer combobox has been moved to the advanced menu. The streaming app selection takes its old place. This marks the official deprecation of the GDI+ renderer.
* Snickerstream no longer your logs CPU and GPU model. The function being used was a bit of a mess and caused crashes at startup in some very rare cases – just two recorded ones, if you’re being curious. Considering that this info was rarely needed for troubleshooting after adding Direct2D support, I just decided to remove it altogether.
* Fixed some typos.
* Slightly made the source code better to look at. Just slightly.
* [Bugfix] You can now specify a custom width & height (DPI fix) for the bottom screen window in separate windows mode.
* [Bugfix] The default hotkeys will now be restored if an invalid number of hotkeys is found in settings.ini instead of being simply refusing to read them.
* [Bugfix] Fixed a bug affecting real time screen scaling in GDI+.
* [Bugfix] Top and bottom scaling factor inputs in the adv menu aren't limited only to decimal chars anymore (so you can now enter dots).