Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9.0.1765

McLeodGaming hat SSF2 gepatcht!



Changes in this version:

  • Long tags aren’t cut off anymore
  • All remaining OHKO’s fixed (Zelda ledge attack, Ichigo fully charged Getsuga)
  • Bomberman’s bombs recolor with him. New explosion sprite.
  • Bomberman minor balance tweaks
  • Samus ledge animations aligned better, can be hit
  • Meta Knight star KO forever-spin bug fixed
  • Lloyd balance tweaks
  • Fixed hitstun on Ichigo upB last hit
  • Peach umbrella hitbox closer to Melee/v0.8b rather than weird
  • All jab resets work properly (yes, jab resets have been in since the Twitch release.)
  • All getup animations have approx 11 frames of invincibility, and end on frame 16
  • Donkey Kong balance tweaks
  • Ichigo upB vertical movement increased
  • Meta Knight balance tweaks
  • Sonic is now the fastest character in the game again
  • Goku nair hitstun bugfix
  • Zelda’s nayru’s love now reflects
  • Zelda minor balance tweaks
  • Player 4’s select hand now works
  • Item switch menu’s hand now makes descriptions pop up
  • You can shield grab with the grab button now
  • Players can be grabbed out of their getup animation as long as they aren’t invincible
  • More tweaks to VVVVVVV
  • Silver is now less homosexual than his appearance in Sonic 06 (death bug fixed)
  • Intro optimized