Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9.0.2007 -> v0.9.0.2011


UPDATE 25.07.2013: Version bleibt gleich, nur wurde ein weiterer Bug gefixt.

UPDATE 24.07.2013: Version erschienen! Changelog unten!

McLeodGaming hat den verbesserten Smashbros. Klon "Super Smash Flash 2" aktualisiert.


Diese Version ist ein Balance-Patch. Er verbessert das Spielerlebnis enorm. Was alles gefixt wurde, seht ihr im Spoiler!

CHANGELOG v0.9.0.2011

CHANGELOG v0.9.0.2007

Notable major changes in this version:

  • Various balancing changes across the board (detailed in minor changes)
  • General AI improvement
  • All known infinites have been removed
  • Social media buttons added to title screen
  • Star KO and screen KO no longer turn players invisible and always KO them
  • De-transforming in the air takes you directly to the fall animation
  • Projectile hitlag freezes the projectile’s frame
  • All final form transformations stop your fall
  • Wario-Man’s grab and item use freeze bugs fixed
  • Jigglypuff now has a downward pound
  • Samus’s down special no longer intangible
  • Naruto recolored and re-shaded to better match the roster and improve the quality of palette swaps
  • Kaio-Ken Goku’s taunt no longer intangible
  • Many music loops improved.
  • New music on Jungle Hijinx, Yoshi’s Island, Crateria, Bomb Factory, and Hueco Mundo.
  • Jungle Japes barrel no longer glitches when two players enter a barrel at the same time
  • Jungle Japes barrel grab size no longer too big (Makes event #5 less difficult)
  • Meteo Voyage’s lag has been drastically reduced
  • Target Test Level 1 stage now with a new updated look and moving Platforms.

Minor changes:

  • Link received a small audio upgrade
  • Zelda heavily rebalanced
  • Link heavily rebalanced
  • Donkey Kong heavily rebalanced
  • Meta Knight heavily rebalanced
  • Meta Knight CPU now understands how to end up special
  • Tails received a major AI upgrade
  • Jigglypuff received a major AI upgrade
  • Bomberman CPU now knows how to detonate, kick and sit bombs down
  • Black Mage’s fully charged down smash is much quieter
  • Bomberman’s bombs no longer halt momentum if kicked in the air
  • Phase 8’s lava animated
  • …more!

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