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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct am 01. November 2018 um 15:00 Uhr

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Nintendo hat soeben eine neue Nintendo Direct zu "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" angekündigt.

Diese wird 40 Minuten dauern und am Donnerstag, dem 01. November 2018 um 15:00 Uhr ausgestrahlt. Es ist die letzte Smash Direct vor der Veröffentlichung des Spiels am 07. Dezember. Direkt nach der Direct folgt Gameplay von Nintendo Treehouse zu Smash, Pokémon Let’s Go, Yoshi’s Crafted World und Diablo III.

Super Smash Flash 2 v1.1.0

Allgemein ,

SSF2_third_logoMcLeodGaming hat das Fangame "Super Smash Flash 2" für den PC aktualisiert.


Der nächste Patch wurde in zwei Teile aufgeteilt, wobei dies der erste ist. Ultra-Smashes sind leider immer noch nicht enthalten. Die Perfomance des Spiels wurde extrem verbessert und "Trades" werden unterstützt (wenn sich zwei Spieler gegenseitig treffen und Schaden nehmen). Der "Low-Latency" Online-Mode wurde durch einen "Auto-Mode" ersetzt, der die passenden Einstellungen automatisch wählt. Außerdem funktioniert "Grab Breaking" jetzt, was bedeutet, dass wenn sich zwei Griffe berühren, keiner von beiden ausgeführt wird. Natürlich gab es auch einige Fehlerbehebungen.

* MASSIVE performance improvements, especially when playing for extended periods of time.
* Support for “Trades” (when two players hit each other at the same time with attacks, both take damage)
* Online mode’s “Low” latency setting has been replaced with “Auto” which will automatically choose the option that is best for you
* Online mode allows you to limit the number of users allowed to join your room
* Fixed miscellaneous events that you couldn’t get hit on the frame immediately before (landing, grabbing a ledge, etc)
* Support for “Grab breaking” (when two grabs touch, neither player wins)
* Characters no longer slow down when going faster than their max speed in the air if the player is holding forward
* Characters’ dodge rolls standardized

Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9.0.2007 -> v0.9.0.2011

Wii: Update , , , , , ,


UPDATE 25.07.2013: Version bleibt gleich, nur wurde ein weiterer Bug gefixt.

UPDATE 24.07.2013: Version erschienen! Changelog unten!

McLeodGaming hat den verbesserten Smashbros. Klon "Super Smash Flash 2" aktualisiert.


Diese Version ist ein Balance-Patch. Er verbessert das Spielerlebnis enorm. Was alles gefixt wurde, seht ihr im Spoiler!

CHANGELOG v0.9.0.2011


Notable major changes in this version:

  • Various balancing and character changes across the board (detailed in minor changes)
  • File size reduced
  • Hidden Leaf Village now loads on Browser version
  • Repaired a major bug allowing players to be hit out of trapping final smashes.
  • CPUs no longer use attacks in idle mode in training
  • Target Test’s main platform can now be fallen through
  • Social media links on title screen now send you directly to the proper website
  • All remaining broken stage music loops have been fixed
  • Final forms no longer fall back down while invisible when Star or Screen KO’d
  • Projectiles that are already in hitlag no longer inherit hitlag when reflected

Minor changes:

  • Samus’s up smash connects better.
  • Captain Falcon’s alternating downthrow -> side special infinite fixed
  • Donkey Kong’s up special vertical height has been slightly increased
  • Pikachu’s thunderbolt now has an accurate hitbox, fixing shield contact
  • Jigglypuff can now reverse her direction during rollout
  • Jigglypuff’s down smash has been weakened
  • Jigglypuff’s double sound effect bug fixed
  • Jigglypuff (CPU) is even MORE accurate with its rests
  • Link’s down smash knockback reduced (should not K.O at 70% anymore!)
  • Link has a new sidestep animation
  • Zelda received a minor aesthetic upgrade
  • Zelda’s Nayru’s Love attack no longer cancels projectiles instead of reflecting them
  • Zelda’s back throw weakened.
  • Kirby’s final smash deals double damage
  • Bomberman’s up special final hit strengthened
  • Sonic’s homing attack recoded
  • Sonic’s side special has been reverted to previous patch, halved damage
  • Tails’ Dash Dancing has been fixed
  • Tails’ taunts have been re-separated
  • Tails (human players) can now loop their side special while offstage
  • Black Mage’s stop now reflects and stops projectiles
  • Sora’s forward and up smashes no longer hit twice
  • Naruto’s dash attack second hit hitstun reduced and growth increased
  • Naruto’s side taunt recolored to match.
  • Goku can now use his jab to force players to stand up.
  • Goku’s spirit bomb no longer vanishes. If this is not fixed in your build please redownload
  • Goku’s (Super Sayian) dodges fixed
  • Goku’s (Kaio-Ken) final smash transformation has been fixed
  • Goku’s (Kaio-Ken) final smash now slows the player’s fall
  • Black Mage’s fully charged down smash now plays its sound effect on the back trail if the front trail is cancelled.
  • Hylian Skies no longer KO’s players that are holding the ledge as it transforms
  • Phase 8’s camera boundary adjusted
  • Phase 8’s music quality improved
  • Hueco Mundo and Castle Siege’s music are louder
  • Credits list updated and adjusted


CHANGELOG v0.9.0.2007


Notable major changes in this version:

  • Various balancing changes across the board (detailed in minor changes)
  • General AI improvement
  • All known infinites have been removed
  • Social media buttons added to title screen
  • Star KO and screen KO no longer turn players invisible and always KO them
  • De-transforming in the air takes you directly to the fall animation
  • Projectile hitlag freezes the projectile’s frame
  • All final form transformations stop your fall
  • Wario-Man’s grab and item use freeze bugs fixed
  • Jigglypuff now has a downward pound
  • Samus’s down special no longer intangible
  • Naruto recolored and re-shaded to better match the roster and improve the quality of palette swaps
  • Kaio-Ken Goku’s taunt no longer intangible
  • Many music loops improved.
  • New music on Jungle Hijinx, Yoshi’s Island, Crateria, Bomb Factory, and Hueco Mundo.
  • Jungle Japes barrel no longer glitches when two players enter a barrel at the same time
  • Jungle Japes barrel grab size no longer too big (Makes event #5 less difficult)
  • Meteo Voyage’s lag has been drastically reduced
  • Target Test Level 1 stage now with a new updated look and moving Platforms.

Minor changes:

  • Link received a small audio upgrade
  • Zelda heavily rebalanced
  • Link heavily rebalanced
  • Donkey Kong heavily rebalanced
  • Meta Knight heavily rebalanced
  • Meta Knight CPU now understands how to end up special
  • Tails received a major AI upgrade
  • Jigglypuff received a major AI upgrade
  • Bomberman CPU now knows how to detonate, kick and sit bombs down
  • Black Mage’s fully charged down smash is much quieter
  • Bomberman’s bombs no longer halt momentum if kicked in the air
  • Phase 8’s lava animated
  • …more!

via McLeodGaming Forums

Direct: Super Smash Bros. vorgestellt

DS/DSi/3DS, Wii U , , , , , , , , ,


Nintendo hat es wirklich getan: Sie haben den ersten Trailer zum neuen Super Smash Bros. vorgestellt! Auch wurden 2 neue Charaktere vorgestellt! Und die offizielle Website und die Miiverse-Community wurden geöffnet!

Weiterlesen "Direct: Super Smash Bros. vorgestellt"

Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9.0.1956: Linux-Version und Smash-Bälle!

Wii: Update , , , , , , ,


McLeodGaming hat Super Smash Flash 2 aktualisiert! Neu sind Smash-Bälle und eine Linux-Verison des Games! Versehentliche K.Os wurden gefixt und der Ex/Import der Speicherdaten wurde verbessert. Desweiteren wurden viele Bugs gefixt. Klickt auf den Spoiler unten, um alle Änderungen zu sehen!



Notable major changes in this version:

  • Linux users can now play the game using an executable
  • Intro now uses McLeodGaming logo animation instead of text-based logo
  • Balance changes to everyone – knockback is overall weaker. Minor balance changes also made.
  • Fixes to ground-attachment engine; running on Green Hill Zone and Emerald Cave and similar stages is much improved.
  • Tap jumpers rejoice; utilts can now be used with the ol' right/left+up+attack shortcut!
  • Event match record display bug fixed
  • LOTS of music loops fixed
  • Tag entry keypad hitboxes fixed (name entry is now easier to aim)
  • Stock match timeouts now factor in damage
  • Bouncing now has v0.8b hitstun
  • Castle Seige CPU issue fixed
  • Black Hole Bomb + shield issue fixed
  • Hazard switch fixed
  • Momentum conservation bug preventing running and jumping keeping your speed fixed

Minor changes:

  • Green Hill Zone blocks breaking after one hit after breaking once fixed
  • Mega Man crash bomb detonation issue fixed
  • Bomb factory bombs set each other off and no longer double-explode when you fly into them
  • Egg break KB is back
  • Items bouncing on platforms when they shouldn’t fixed
  • DK shield break OHKO bug fixed
  • Samus taunt, crash, and pitfall animations can now be hurt
  • Dash attack, grab, throw rotation issues SHOULD be fixed now (getting stuck rotated)
  • Can slide off edge of stage/platform while in idle
  • Camera issue during character death fixed
  • Kirby inhale spit no longer OHKOs
  • Fixed team battle disabling costume bug
  • Samus morph ball boost gravity bugs fixed (including game crash)
  • Event #6 can actually be failed now
  • Camera shake on explosions for Bomberman
  • Metaknight sideB now functional
  • Fixed remaining jab reset invincibility bugs
  • Tags breaking fixed
  • Goku up special can now travel downward
  • Sonic’s Homing attack can now travel downward
  • Shieldstun tweaked
  • Most of the short-distance recoveries have been extended
  • Green Hill Zone now has music!
  • Fixed Pikachu rocketing bug with upB
  • Jigglypuff aesthetics
  • Sleep/Dizzy-inducing attacks no longer OHKO
  • SDI can be teched out of; distance is doubled
  • Kirby landmaster rock OHKO fixed
  • Missing hit effects added to some stage hazards
  • Heavy aesthetic and gameplay tweaks to Peach (thanks Xyless <3)
  • Peach’s turnips work properly
  • Items don’t vanish in the air anymore
  • Bug preventing Pikachu’s Quick Attack Cancel from working with Tap Jump fixed
  • Mirror Chamber mirrors no longer negate mushroom effects
  • Ness PK thunder assorted bugs all fixed
  • Naruto down throw now works on Meta Knight
  • Item life countdown pauses while held