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Super Smash Flash 2 v1.1.0

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SSF2_third_logoMcLeodGaming hat das Fangame "Super Smash Flash 2" für den PC aktualisiert.


Der nächste Patch wurde in zwei Teile aufgeteilt, wobei dies der erste ist. Ultra-Smashes sind leider immer noch nicht enthalten. Die Perfomance des Spiels wurde extrem verbessert und "Trades" werden unterstützt (wenn sich zwei Spieler gegenseitig treffen und Schaden nehmen). Der "Low-Latency" Online-Mode wurde durch einen "Auto-Mode" ersetzt, der die passenden Einstellungen automatisch wählt. Außerdem funktioniert "Grab Breaking" jetzt, was bedeutet, dass wenn sich zwei Griffe berühren, keiner von beiden ausgeführt wird. Natürlich gab es auch einige Fehlerbehebungen.

* MASSIVE performance improvements, especially when playing for extended periods of time.
* Support for “Trades” (when two players hit each other at the same time with attacks, both take damage)
* Online mode’s “Low” latency setting has been replaced with “Auto” which will automatically choose the option that is best for you
* Online mode allows you to limit the number of users allowed to join your room
* Fixed miscellaneous events that you couldn’t get hit on the frame immediately before (landing, grabbing a ledge, etc)
* Support for “Grab breaking” (when two grabs touch, neither player wins)
* Characters no longer slow down when going faster than their max speed in the air if the player is holding forward
* Characters’ dodge rolls standardized

Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9.1.1748

Wii: Update , ,


Erst vorgestern gab’s das dicke v0.9b Update und nun ist ein Bugfix-Release erschienen!


Es wurde ein Problem mit Online-Accounts behoben – es gab 30.000 Registrierungen, täglich werden ca. 3000 – 5000 Accounts freigeschalten. Registrieren kann man sich auf dieser Seite.

Notable major changes in this version:

  • Fixed issue preventing activated MGN accounts from getting online
  • Updated game credits and title screen for v0.9b
  • Fixed issue preventing Sheik from loading when selected on CSS
  • Fixed issues that would prevent some stages from being disabled in random select
  • Fixed inactive AI during sudden death
  • Fixed assorted bugs that would have greatly affected online play
  • Power shields no longer trigger actions that only happen on shield hit (such as destroying a projectile)
  • Fixed momentum physics issue when double jumping
  • Fixed freeze bug on Casino Night Zone with items on
  • Fixed freeze bug with final smash aura and a star KO
  • Fixed freeze bug with pausing with a Smash Ball onscreen
  • Fixed freeze bug with Mega Man’s final smash taunt
  • Fixed issue that would let some characters have unlimited projectiles at once
  • Fixed Cuccos and Blue Shells overstaying their welcome
  • Fixed Black Mage’s final smash final hit not working
  • Fixed Sheik getting stuck in cucco animation
  • Fixed Donkey Kong freeze bug on forward throw (landing animation issue not fixed yet)
  • Lloyd’s final smash correctly traps opponents
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to SDI out of Meta Knight’s final smash
  • Fixed freeze bug when missing Link’s final smash
  • Link now releases opponents if there is anything preventing him from reaching them during FS
  • Fixed issue that kept Yoshi stuck on platforms with downB if timed correctly
  • Fixed issue with weird invisible bumpers on Casino Night Zone
  • Fixed invincibility issues with Marth and Peach’s counters
  • Fox and Zelda are now visible during star KO
  • Fixed Ray Gun, Cucco, and Beam Sword for Link
  • Fixed an issue with Donkey Kong and Samus’s neutral specials not charging correctly
  • Relatively large balance changes to Pikachu and Samus
  • Fixed an issue with Samus and Zero Suit Samus’s victory theme
  • Captain Falcon no longer vanishes during FS
  • Fixed effect flipping issue with Ness and Black Mage
  • Fixed huge issue with Chibi-Robo’s Pick Up and Samus’s Charge Shot
  • Fixed issue with Zero Suit Samus’s entrance using Samus’s entrance animation
  • Chibi-Robo’s Pick Up no longer works on stage hazards or final smashes

Minor changes:

  • Fixed Samus’s pummel
  • Sped up Black Mage’s stop release by two frames
  • Sora’s back aerial no longer does 22% damage
  • Fixed gravity and rotation issues with Samus’s bomb jump (including ledge-grab rocket boost)
  • Fixed music loop on Shadow Moses Island
  • Fixed Landmaster SFX bug on jump
  • Fixed huge issue with Landmaster appearing in the middle of stages
  • Improved frame data for Yoshi’s dash attack
  • Fixed issue with Samus’s tether not working
  • Sora’s up special startup hitbox issue fixed
  • Sora’s side smash slowed down
  • Tightened hitbox on Chibi-Robo’s grab
  • Raised angle and lowered power on Chibi-Robo’s forward smash first hit
  • Tightened hitbox on Chibi-Robo’s down smash, made sweetspot larger, halved sourspot duration
  • Fixed issue with Chibi-Robo’s side special deceleration doing a weird satanic dance
  • Added hitbox "swell" (reduction in size over time) for Chibi-Robo’s side special
  • Mario regains down special boost when grabbing a ledge
  • Fixed a hitbox issue with Mario’s up smash first active frame
  • Removed extraneous frames from Marth’s counter detection
  • Marth can now continue with forward dancing blade if he presses B and no direction
  • Fixed issue with Chibi-Robo’s Pick Up that would sometimes leave behind a frozen projectile
  • Zero Suit Samus’s final smash damage lowered
  • Donkey Kong fthrow walking speed lowered
  • Chibi-Robo’s fsmash first hit no longer has reversible knockback
  • Chibi-Robo’s dash attack sweetspot made more apparent
  • Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch effect resized, now fades out
  • Mario can now grab the ledge at the end of Cape
  • Black Mage dair slightly strengthened
  • Black Mage dash attack super-armor-disabling bug fixed
  • Black Mage issue where attacks would be cancelled if Meteor went out of bounds fixed
  • Slightly improved the strength of Jigglypuff’s Rest and Up Throw
  • Fixed issue with Sora’s final smash not connecting when it should
  • Fixed issue canceling Link’s ledge attack
  • Kirby has two less frames of landing lag on dair
  • Kirby’s forward smash slides farther
  • New entrance for Marth
  • Slowed Sora’s final smash down
  • Fixed double sound issue on Lloyd’s taunt
  • Fixed Super Saiyan Goku’s Kamehameha
  • Aesthetic improvements to ZSS’s final smash
  • Sped up Link’s bomb pluck after landing
  • Fixed priority error with Mario Finale
  • Improved hitstun on Tails fair
  • Naruto’s dash attack slides a little farther
  • Mega Man’s dair gives an upward boost again
  • Strengthened Marth’s counter and Peach’s toad

Known Issues:

  • A few items are temporarily disabled:
    • Assist Trophies
    • Pokeballs
    • Bumpers
    • Exploding Tag
  • There is no automatic detection for Online Mode latency settings.
  • There are some rotation issues with Kirby hats and some item attacks.
  • Final Smash aura and Mega/Mini mode don’t work well together
  • Donkey Kong’s forward throw glitches upon landing
  • Ness’s PSI Magnet does not absorb projectiles
  • Tails' Ray Gun and Star Rod animations do not shoot projectiles
  • Chibi-Robo can…pick up an opponent’s Giga Robo and put him in his head.

Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9.0.2007 -> v0.9.0.2011

Wii: Update , , , , , ,


UPDATE 25.07.2013: Version bleibt gleich, nur wurde ein weiterer Bug gefixt.

UPDATE 24.07.2013: Version erschienen! Changelog unten!

McLeodGaming hat den verbesserten Smashbros. Klon "Super Smash Flash 2" aktualisiert.


Diese Version ist ein Balance-Patch. Er verbessert das Spielerlebnis enorm. Was alles gefixt wurde, seht ihr im Spoiler!

CHANGELOG v0.9.0.2011


Notable major changes in this version:

  • Various balancing and character changes across the board (detailed in minor changes)
  • File size reduced
  • Hidden Leaf Village now loads on Browser version
  • Repaired a major bug allowing players to be hit out of trapping final smashes.
  • CPUs no longer use attacks in idle mode in training
  • Target Test’s main platform can now be fallen through
  • Social media links on title screen now send you directly to the proper website
  • All remaining broken stage music loops have been fixed
  • Final forms no longer fall back down while invisible when Star or Screen KO’d
  • Projectiles that are already in hitlag no longer inherit hitlag when reflected

Minor changes:

  • Samus’s up smash connects better.
  • Captain Falcon’s alternating downthrow -> side special infinite fixed
  • Donkey Kong’s up special vertical height has been slightly increased
  • Pikachu’s thunderbolt now has an accurate hitbox, fixing shield contact
  • Jigglypuff can now reverse her direction during rollout
  • Jigglypuff’s down smash has been weakened
  • Jigglypuff’s double sound effect bug fixed
  • Jigglypuff (CPU) is even MORE accurate with its rests
  • Link’s down smash knockback reduced (should not K.O at 70% anymore!)
  • Link has a new sidestep animation
  • Zelda received a minor aesthetic upgrade
  • Zelda’s Nayru’s Love attack no longer cancels projectiles instead of reflecting them
  • Zelda’s back throw weakened.
  • Kirby’s final smash deals double damage
  • Bomberman’s up special final hit strengthened
  • Sonic’s homing attack recoded
  • Sonic’s side special has been reverted to previous patch, halved damage
  • Tails’ Dash Dancing has been fixed
  • Tails’ taunts have been re-separated
  • Tails (human players) can now loop their side special while offstage
  • Black Mage’s stop now reflects and stops projectiles
  • Sora’s forward and up smashes no longer hit twice
  • Naruto’s dash attack second hit hitstun reduced and growth increased
  • Naruto’s side taunt recolored to match.
  • Goku can now use his jab to force players to stand up.
  • Goku’s spirit bomb no longer vanishes. If this is not fixed in your build please redownload
  • Goku’s (Super Sayian) dodges fixed
  • Goku’s (Kaio-Ken) final smash transformation has been fixed
  • Goku’s (Kaio-Ken) final smash now slows the player’s fall
  • Black Mage’s fully charged down smash now plays its sound effect on the back trail if the front trail is cancelled.
  • Hylian Skies no longer KO’s players that are holding the ledge as it transforms
  • Phase 8’s camera boundary adjusted
  • Phase 8’s music quality improved
  • Hueco Mundo and Castle Siege’s music are louder
  • Credits list updated and adjusted


CHANGELOG v0.9.0.2007


Notable major changes in this version:

  • Various balancing changes across the board (detailed in minor changes)
  • General AI improvement
  • All known infinites have been removed
  • Social media buttons added to title screen
  • Star KO and screen KO no longer turn players invisible and always KO them
  • De-transforming in the air takes you directly to the fall animation
  • Projectile hitlag freezes the projectile’s frame
  • All final form transformations stop your fall
  • Wario-Man’s grab and item use freeze bugs fixed
  • Jigglypuff now has a downward pound
  • Samus’s down special no longer intangible
  • Naruto recolored and re-shaded to better match the roster and improve the quality of palette swaps
  • Kaio-Ken Goku’s taunt no longer intangible
  • Many music loops improved.
  • New music on Jungle Hijinx, Yoshi’s Island, Crateria, Bomb Factory, and Hueco Mundo.
  • Jungle Japes barrel no longer glitches when two players enter a barrel at the same time
  • Jungle Japes barrel grab size no longer too big (Makes event #5 less difficult)
  • Meteo Voyage’s lag has been drastically reduced
  • Target Test Level 1 stage now with a new updated look and moving Platforms.

Minor changes:

  • Link received a small audio upgrade
  • Zelda heavily rebalanced
  • Link heavily rebalanced
  • Donkey Kong heavily rebalanced
  • Meta Knight heavily rebalanced
  • Meta Knight CPU now understands how to end up special
  • Tails received a major AI upgrade
  • Jigglypuff received a major AI upgrade
  • Bomberman CPU now knows how to detonate, kick and sit bombs down
  • Black Mage’s fully charged down smash is much quieter
  • Bomberman’s bombs no longer halt momentum if kicked in the air
  • Phase 8’s lava animated
  • …more!

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