TWiLight Menu++ v6.4.3

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Das TWiLight Menu++ sieht aus wie das DSi-Menü und kann in Verbindung mit NDS-Bootstrap DS-Homebrews und DS-Spiele von der SD-Karte abspielen.

Entwickler RocketRobz
Dateigröße 32,78 MB
Letztes Update

Auf die microSD der Acekard 2i kann nun direkt zugegriffen werden. Dazu muss das Flashcard Pack extrahiert und der Ordner für "Slot-1" auf die microSD der Flashkarte kopiert werden. Das funktioniert auch für die R4 Ultra und wahrscheinlich auch die DS-XTreme und der originalen R4.


* The DS-Xtreme and original R4 DLDI drivers have been recompiled from their original source codes.
There should be a chance of them being supported with direct access.

v6.4.2 (Rev 01):
What's new?
* Acekard 2i's microSD can now be directly accessed! (confirmed working by Krebu)
(The cart should spoof Horsez for it work.)
To run retail games from the flashcard, you need to download the flashcard pack, and extract what's in for Slot-1 microSD to the root of the flashcard's microSD card.
As of this release, 2 flashcards are supported for direct access:
- Acekard 2i
- R4 Ultra (regular, not R4i) (

What's new?
* nds-bootstrap v0.12.2 is included!
* Acekard 2(i)'s DLDI driver has been added for direct flashcard support.
It is not confirmed to work with this flashcard yet.
To test it with your AK2(i), enable Slot-1 microSD access in the settings, then touch the cart icon in the ROM menu.
If the location is now Slot-1 microSD card after the sound played isn't the "launch" sound, then the flashcard is successfully read!
If you're stuck on a white screen, then hold start after launching this app and before the ROM menu appears, then turn off the setting.
* When using this app on a flashcard, you no longer need to set the flashcard manually, as it now checks the flashcard via DLDI friendly name.

Bug fixes
* DSi/3DS theme: The GB icon is no longer overwritten by the small GBA icon.
* DSi/3DS theme: After launching Slot-1 card, you will no longer be sent into settings screen, after launching this app again.