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Universal-Updater v3.2.1

3DS, 3DS: Update


Einfache Installation und Aktualisierung diverser 3DS-Homebrews.

Mit Custom-Themes lässt sich der Universal-Updater mit eigenen Farben anpassen! Auch lassen sich Meldungen auf dem Touchscreen bestätigen. Ferner wurden zahlreiche Bugs gefixt.


What's New?
* Added Chinese (Simplified and Traditional, though Traditional is not fully translated currently)
* Added custom themes, see the wiki page for details
* Prompts now have buttons on the touch screen you can tap in addition to pressing A and B

* Shortened the description so it fits better in the Homebrew Launcher

Bug fixes
* Fixed not showing progress bar when self updating
* Fixed not showing a progress bar when downloading the custom font on selecting Ukrainian
* Fixed putting 3DSX files in folders setting not saving
* Fixed sometimes crashing when a download failed
* Fixed apps being set as installed if the installation failed
* Fixed prompts sometimes immediately accepting instead of waiting for another key press
* Fixed the Add Selection to Queue button's text max width being bigger than the button