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USBLoader GX r1207 Beta

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Das USBLoader GX Team hat die Beta des USBLoader GX aktualisiert!

2-Disk-Support für DIOS-MIOS, Unterstützung des neuen Homebrewkanals, und, und, und…



Die wichtigsten Punkte:

* Added support for Homebrew Channel v1.1.1+

* Added version detection for DIOS MIOS (Lite) v2.6

* Removed unused "DML NoDisc" setting

* Added possibility to install multi-Discs GameCube games

* Added auto-detection and loading multi-Disc games with both Devolution   and DIOS MIOS (Lite).   The Disc 2 must be named disc2.iso and placed in the same folder   than game.iso

* DML: Prevent temporary ocarina .gct file copy if the game is   launched from disc

* Fixed installation destination for multi-Disc based games.   Second ISO is now properly going into the existing folder instead   of using the Disc’s internal Game Title.

* Prevent deleting a folder when installation is canceled if   the folder still contains another disc number.

* Added a new setting to select GameCube game source: SD, USB, Auto   Auto = based on DIOS MIOS (Lite).   This new setting fix two known problems:   – Device selection for Devolution is no more dependent of     the installed DM(L) type. (Select manually before launching a game)   – Installation of a game on a device if the game is already     on another device is now possible.
Note: If you use "GameCube compress" option (Extracted game format): – If one of the disc is already extracted, it will not allows   you to dump another disc (as it’s now using the same folder,   it would overwrite files from the other disc) – If Disc 1 doesn’t exist, it will tell you that disc 2 needs   to be in ISO format, but will asks if you really want to install   the game in extracted format.