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Whitehole v1.4.3

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update ,

SunakazeKun hat den Super Mario Galaxy Level-Editor aktualisiert.


Die Änderungen findet ihr im Changelog.


* Added: Full support for paths and path points!
* Added: Multi-renderer, which replaces the old Double and Triple renderers
* Added: New object rendering (coins, black holes, ...)
* Added: Gravity rendering
* Added: Obj_arg descriptions are displayed to show more information about the current object
* Added: Improved property field names
* Added: Randomized path colors which replace the previous ones
* Added: ShapeModelNo editing and rendering has been completely reworked and it doesn't crash the program anymore.
* Fixed: Area rendering for SMG1 has been specified
* Fixed: Wrap and filter modes for BMD and BTI renderers weren't properly configured
* Fixed: Position, rotation and scale copying doesn't work
* Fixed: Editing cutscenes freezes the program when saved
* Fixed: Crash if a non-existing model file can't be loaded
* Misc.: A lot of cleanup, although there's still a lot of shitty code...