Wiimms ISO Tools v2.21b r4492

Wiimm hat schon Anfang Mai angekündigt, dass WIT&WWT eingestellt wird und es nur noch Bugfixes geben wird – doch er scheint sich selbst nicht daran halten zu können. Im Release v2.21a r4489 wurde ein neues nützlicher Kommando für Riivolution hinzugefügt – geht einfach mal den Changelog durch! Natürlich wurde auch noch viel mehr getan!


v2.21b r4492
- Bug fix: wit DOLPATCH: Reading 'offset' failed on 32 bit systems.

v2.21a r4489
 - The default image format switched from WDF to WBFS. This is only relevant,
   if no image type is specified by source, option or file extension, for
   example for the command "wwt EXTRACT".

 - wit DUMP --long: If dumping a DOL file, a third table with delta values
   between the virtual address and the file offset is printed.

 - New command: wit DOLPATCH: Patch a DOL file by reading a Riivolution XML
   file and scanning all memory tags.
   -> Read http://wit.wiimm.de/cmd/wit/dolpatch for details.

 - If extracting an image, the file 'setup.txt' contains now a new parameter:
   "image-type = TYPE". It shows the image type of the source image.
   If cretaing an image and file 'setup.txt' contains this paramater with a
   valid image type, this image type is used as default for the new created
   image. The default is superseded by format options and file extensions.
     This feature is dedicated to patching scripts. If an original image is
   extracted with "wit extract -1n ANYID6 . WORKDIR --psel data" and then
   patched, an image with identical image type as the original can be created
   by the command: wit copy WORKDIR %x --id NEWID6 --name "new title of game"

 - For easier script/batch support, the files "setup.sh" and "setup.bat" are
   created for extracted images. They contain similar info as "setup.txt", but
   can be directly included by ". ./PATH/setup.sh" or  "CALL PATH\setup.bat"
   to get the settings as script variables.

 - Cygwin (Windows) DDLs updated.

 - Title data base updated.

via wit.wiimm.de