Wiimms ISO Tools v2.26a r4863 und Wiimms SZS Tools v1.31b r4841

Wiimm hat seine ISO- & SZS-Tools aktualisiert!

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Wiimms ISO Tools
 - Bug fix: Because of a bug after implementing the auto split detection,
   reading source images failed, if using stdin for parameters.

 - Support for Dolphins file format GCZ (GameCube Zip):
    - All commands detect and accept GCZ files as input file.
    - Creating of GCZ files is also supported, but EXPERIMENTAL until final
      tests have been done.
    - New option --gcz force GCZ output.
    - Patching of GCZ files is not possible, because the GCZ file structure
      doesn't allow modifications (size of compressed data must not change).
    - Composing an image to a GCZ file is not possible, because it needs
      patching checksums and header after writing the complete image.
   The GCZ support is very new, so please use it only with backups of your
   images and don't be anger, if it destroy something.
Wiimms SZS Tools
 - KCL bug fix: Creating and managing the flag file failed sometimes.

Quelle: wit.wiimm.de und szs.wiimm.de