Wiimms ISO Tools v2.27a r4908

Wiimm hat wieder einmal seine ISO-Tools aktualisiert.


 - Bug fix: If extracting a GameCube image, files larger than 4 MiB are
   damaged at beginning of this 4 MiB offset.

 - New feature: If creating a GCZ image, a blockwise z-compression is tried.
   If the compressed data is larger than 98.5%, the uncompressed data is
   stored. New is, that encrypted blocks are stored directly as uncompressed
   data, because encrypted are very bad compression candidates and the 98.5%
   test fails all the time. This makes GCZ creation faster. The new option
   --gcz-zip disables this optimization for encrypted data.

 - New option: --gcz-block=size: Define the block size for GCZ creation. The
   default size is 16K (also Dolphins default).

 - Tool 'wdf' supports info dumps of GCZ files to verify the GCZ creation.

 - New command for wit+wwt: FEATURES: Print a list of supported features. The
   output is machine readable. Scripts may use "wit features -qq" and check
   the exit status.

Quelle: wit.wiimm.de