Wiimms SZS Tools v1.32a r4958

Wiimm hat wieder seine SZS-Tools aktualisiert.


 - wszst+wbmgt: Options --color and --no-color have new meanings (see next
   point). Instead of the old option --no-color, there is a new option named
   --no-bmg-color to suppress '\c{color}' escape sequences of BMG files.

 - New global options for all tools: Option --color forces colorized text. It
   is enabled by default for output to terminals. Option --no-color disables
   colorized text at all. At the moment only the commands COLORS, CHECK and
   SLOTS support colorized text.

 - New command: COLORS: Test colorized text by printing it in different modes
   (colors, bold, underline). Also test the options --color and --no-color.

 - Bug fix: A patched BMG file was not marked as dirty (and not written), if
   only some characters in the second half of the string are modified and the
   length don't change (compared N bytes and not N words).

 - Bug fix: wstrt patch --region=name: New assignment of region names to
   region numbers: 0=Japan, 1=America, 2=Europe, 3=Australia, ...

 - KMP/STGI: Support of the last 2 bytes as `speed modifier':
    - On output, the factor is appended as comment.
    - On input, a floating point number instead 2 single bytes is accepted
      as speed mulitplier. The floating point number is rounded to the nearest
      possible number (16 bit cut float with only 7 bits for the mantissa).

 - New option for tools wszst and wkmpt: --speed-mod=factor: Define a speed
   modifier and patch KMP files.

Quelle: szs.wiimm.de