Wiimms SZS Tools v0.28a

Wiimm hat seine SZS Tools auf Version 0.28a aktualisiert.




szs v0.28a r3463 – 2012-02-20

– New command: wszst AUTOADD: Show the status of a auto-add archive and add BRRES, BREFF and BREFT files to it. Try "wszst AUTOADD ./path_to/Race/Course/" to add all supported files.

– New option: –auto-add (short: –aa): Analyze the KMP (if exist) and add missing BRRES files automatically, if the tool can find the files in any sub directory named 'auto-add'. This sub directory is searched in all directories of 'SEARCH_PATH'; try 'wszst AUTOADD' to view them.

– New command: wszst CHECK: Check track files: Try to read KMP (and check it) and find missing BRRES, BREFF and BREFT files needed by used global objects.

– KMP/CKPT: The KMP compiler is now able to make check points visible by using and scaling any global object. For details read the built in help. If enabled, option –auto-add is implicitly set.