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Wiimms SZS Tools v1.15a r4300

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Wiimm hat wieder seine SZS Tools aktualisiert! Diesmal mit allerhand Bugfixes.


 - New docu file: INSTALL.txt

 - Mac+Linux+Unix: Script 'install.sh' will call itself with 'sudo' if not
   started by user 'root'. Read INSTALL.txt for details.

 - Windows: Cygwin updated.

 - Better detection of UTF-8 files with byte order mark (BOM). Tool wbmgt will
   accept those files now.

 - Bug fix: wbmgt CAT: The option --patch is now processed.

 - Bug fix: wbmgt ENCODE: Wrong file naming fixed.

 - Bug fix: Option --kcl: If no 'DROP*' mode is set, the tools drops all bad
   triangles automatically. For an existing octree, it is only 'DROP-UNUSED'.

 - Check KCL+KMP: The checks are now done after patching.

 - New option --kmp=modes: It works like --kcl=modes to define KMP jobs and
   modes. The first modes are:
    - NEW        : Scan KMP and create a new one.
    - RM-SPCITEM : Clear 'special items for players' setting of the 6 item box
		   object types.
    - FIX-CKPH   : Fix the section CKPH.
    - FIX-ENPH   : Fix the section ENPH.
    - FIX-ITPH   : Fix the section ITPH.
    - FIX-PH     : Short cut for: FIX-CKPH,FIX-ENPH,FIX-ITPH.
    - INPLACE    : Force inplace replacing of KMP files (old mode).
    - LOG        : Debug: Enable KMP specific logging.
   The fix modes are EXPERIMENTAL!
   See http://szs.lemmi/opt/kmp for details.

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