Wiimms SZS Tools v2.07a r7960

Wiimms SZS Tools sind eine Ansammlung an Kommandozeilen-Tools zum Manipulieren von Dateiformaten primär für Mario Kart Wii.

Entwickler Wiimm
Dateigröße ~9 - 13 MB

Die Änderungen findet ihr hier unten im Changelog.

* New file formats to distinguish GeoHitTable*.bin (standard variant) from GeoHitTable*Obj.bin ("Obj" variant).
* Command wszst TEXT for OBJFLOW and GEOHIT updated to support new file formats and new features.
* If extracting an U8 or WU8 archive, then course.kcl.*, course.kmp.txt and course.lex.txt are always added to the exclude list of control file wszst-setup.txt. Files course.kcl, course.kmp and course.lex are added to the encode list. Before the files were only added, if the binary file exists and option --decode was set.
* Command wlect CREATE CANNON: Create a LEX text file with cannon section only.
* Command wszst ANALYZE updated to support calculated attributes of tracks for web site https://ct.wiimm.de/
* BMG: Supported attribute length of section INF1 increased from 16 to 32 bytes. 
* BMG: The tools support only BMG encoding #2 (UTF-16/be) fully. Encoding #1 (CP1252) can be read, but not be stored as binary BMG file. Error messages are printed for unsupported encodings.
* BMG: Unknown parameters of sections INF1 and MID1 are scanned and written.
* New BMG option: --bmg-encoding=NAME: Force a BMG encoding. It is only relevant if creating a BMG file. Accepted encoding names are: CP-1252, UTF-16BE (or UTF-16), SHIFT-JIS, UTF-8 and AUTO for automatic detection (default). Same keywords without minus signs are accepted too. At the moment, only encodings CP-1252 and UTF-16BE are supported on reading and only encoding UTF-16BE on writing a binary BMG. MKWii uses UTF-16BE.
* New command: wbmgt EXTRACT name source: Extract BMG section NAME of file SOURCE and write the binary data to standard output. If NAME consists of less than 4 characters, then the first section that starts with these characters is dumped.
* New command: wbmgt SECTIONS source...: List all sections of each binary BMG file. Print offset, size, magic and a short info. If known, print number and size of elements too.