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3DShell v4.2.0

3DS, 3DS: Update ,


Ein hübscher Dateimanager für den 3DS.

Der Bildbetrachter wurde überarbeitet und kann auch nicht animierte GIFs anzeigen. Cover aus ID3v2-Tags bei MP3-Dateien werden angezeigt, falls vorhanden und einige Fehler wurden behoben. Näheres im Changelog unten.

Es kann übrigens direkt von 3DShell aus aktualisiert werden, wenn das Download-Icon berührt wird.


* Refactor and clean up external image loading functions:
* * Fixed texture display corruption when using next/previous in image preview.
* * Image viewer can now display GIF files (not animated).
* * Now uses libnsbmp instead of loadbmp which (decodes .BMP files a lot faster with little to no delays!).
* * Enable zoom function on any image that is > 400x240 as long as it's not a dual screen image.
* * Use nanojpeg to load .JPEG files and remove stb_image since it's a massive library only used for a single function.
* Display ID3v2 cover art image if found.
* Only display ID3 title if found.
* Fixed incorrect title when using next/previous on non MP3 file.
* Added dialog before extracting rar/zip file.
* Don't display checkbox on parent folders.
* The CIA update (for 3DShell CIA version) progress bar is a lot more realistically responsive than previous releases.
* Display file sizes in main menu.
* Fixed file properties from displaying the timestamp attribute for a non existing entry (parent folders do not have timestamps).
* Fix misaligned font size in status bar.

Danke an Volti für den Hinweis!