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3DShell v5.1.0

3DS, 3DS: Update


Ein hübscher Dateimanager für den 3DS.

3DShell ist wieder als CIA verfügbar und der Updater beachtet auch, ob von dieser gestartet wurde. Archive (7Z, RAR und ZIP) lassen sich wieder entpacken und der Vorgang lässt sich auch abbrechen. Wenn der Developer-Modus deaktiviert ist, wird außerdem der NAND-Zugriff blockiert.

Ferner wurden zahlreiche kleinere Verbesserungen vorgenommen – mehr im Changelog.


* Block NAND access if developer options is disabled.
* Fix selector going out of bounds when right/left (page up/page down) key is used.
* CIA builds are now available. The updater will also download/install updates based on the version you are updating from.
* Fix selector going out of bounds when returning from a folder with a long list of files.
* Fix width/height display in image properties.
* Account for images that fit both screens in image viewer and implement zoom/navigation functionalities when viewing images.
* Archive extraction is back and currently supports .7z, .rar and .zip.
* Fix alphabetical sorting for filenames with different case letters.
* Allow user to cancel a file copy or archive extraction by the use of the "B" button.
* Improvised on bottom screen status bar icons.
* Updater will now display the download progress.
* GUI will now trim the string appropriately if length of a file name/current directory goes beyond the screen.
* Touch controls are back for both file options and settings.
* Fixed issues copying certain files/folders due to the file names not being cleared and improper casting in progress bar.