Anemone3DS v2.0.0

Astronautlevel2 hat den Theme-Manager "Anemone" für den 3DS aktualisiert.


Der ThemePlaza-Browser zum Herunterladen von Themes und Splashes wurde dank Caching beschleunigt. Wenn ein Theme angesehen wird, wird nun auch die Hintergrundmusik abgespielt und der QR-Scanner erkennt automatisch, ob ein Theme oder ein Splash heruntergeladen wird. Außerdem lassen sich Themes umsortieren. Wie immer wurden auch einige Fehler behoben – den vollen Changelog seht ihr unten.


* Added a new ThemePlaza browser! Browse ThemePlaza straight from your 3DS, no more need to use QR codes or FTP to transfer themes! (For those of you who used 2.0.0a, the browser is now substantially faster after the first load thanks to caching)
* BGM Preview functionality added. When you preview a theme, it automatically plays the BGM as well. Works in the ThemePlaza browser too!
* QR scanner now automatically detects whether what you're downloading is a theme or a splash and puts it in the right place.
* You can now change how themes are sorted!
* Some slight UX changes, make sure to look at the top screen to know what they are and how they work!

* Finally fixed the shuffle theme BGM loop bug. Now you can listen to the BGM as many times as you want when you shuffle themes!
* Solved a rare, but important, home menu bug that caused the console to crash when the cursor was moved to Anemone.
* Doesn't show a blank screen when there are no splashes anymore.
* Fixed an edge case bug that caused some zips to not extract properly by switching from minizip to libarchive.
* Fixed scrolling bug.
* Fixed shuffle theme install accidentally breaking theme extdata in some extremely rare cases.
* Warn people who are using *Hax entrypoints that QR code scanning may not work.