DSiMenu++ v5.2.1 -> v5.3.0 Rev01

Erneutes Update für das DSiMenu++.


UPDATE: Zwei neue Updates: DSiWare lässt sich wieder per argv-Dateien starten (.launcharg) und die Option, START und A im Menü zu tauschen, wurde hinzugefügt.

Einige Fehler wurden behoben.

v5.3.0 Rev01:
* Fixed START menu not appearing, if pressing START. You can now press SELECT to bring up START menu, if you have START button to launch a game.

* You can now launch DSiWare via argv files again, except for DSiWare, it's now .launcharg, instead of .argv. (Requested by sion_zaphod, Marko76, and stack_exception) Don't worry! The feature of launching DSiWare .nds files has not been removed.
* As an option, you can now have the START button launch a game, instead of the A button, where the A button will bring up per-game settings. (Requested by Marko76)

* Fixed CPU speed setting being overwritten by async prefetch setting.
* The async prefetch option now longer shows sound/mic frequency's option.
* The direct Slot-1 launch method now works.