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GCMM v1.2c —> v1.2d

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suloku hat GCMM aktualisiert. Am 8. September nochmal.


[What’s New 1.2d – september 08, 2012 – By suloku]

* Previous version couldn’t raw backup if backup folder didn’t exist in sd/usb

* Added (double)overwrite prompt when restoring a savefile to memory card (Nano/Excelsiior’s idea)

* Updated graphics so raw mode commands are less cryptic (wii mode design based on JoostinOnline’s for GCMM+)

* Use DejavuSans as font (much better readability) from GCMM+ by Nano/Excelsiior


[What’s New 1.2c – september 06, 2012 – By suloku]

* Raw backups are now named with the number of blocks: insted of Backup_*timestamp*.raw now it is 0059b_*timestamp.raw, 2043b_*timestamp.raw…

* Minor code changes (just for safety)



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