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Goldleaf v0.6.1

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch: Update ,

NSPs größer als vier Gigabyte lassen sich wieder über USB installieren und nach der Installation in den internen Speicher wird die NSP nicht mehr im Hex-Viewer geöffnet. Zudem wird die Installationsgröße korrekt angezeigt und der Webbrowser funktioniert nur noch über den NSP-Forwarder.

Fixed bugs present in 0.6:
* +4GB files are correctly handled now by the USB (remote PC) system
* Now Italian language works fine (strings were missing, what made Goldleaf insta-crash)
* Installing a NSP to console memory would later open the file for hex viewing (now fixed and nothing else is done after install)

New features:
* Install sizes (MB/s) are now accurately reported, with decimal values
* Web browser can only be used launched from the forwarder (previously any application would work)

The forwarder was not updated. Goldtree received few string changes and more changes in order to fix +4GB file issues.