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Goldleaf ist ein NSP-Installer und Title-Manager für die Nintendo Switch.

Entwickler XorTroll
Dateigröße 42,65 MB
Letztes Update

Die Installation von NSPs wurde etwas beschleunigt, außerdem wird nicht mehr bei jeder NSP nachgefragt, ob die Firmware-Version ignoriert werden soll – dies lässt sich permanent einstellen. Der Standby-Modus wird während der Installation deaktiviert und alle NSPs innerhalb eines Verzeichnisses lassen sich auf einmal installieren.

Wird die Switch per USB an den PC angeschlossen, lassen sich alle PC-Laufwerke direkt an der Switch durchsuchen, was die Installation von NSPs über USB deutlich vereinfacht! Allerdings kann es bei Verzeichnissen mit sehr vielen Dateien zu Freezes kommen. Die Installation von NSPs über USB direkt an der Switch folgt später.

Die NSP wurde zum NRO-Forwarder umfunktioniert und Goldleaf besitzt nun einen Updater. Auch lassen sich amiibo dumpen!

Zu guter Letzt präsentiert sich Goldleaf nun in blau.


* NSP installs:
** As Goldleaf's internal filesystem handling has been completely remade, installs have been internally remade. This apparently results in slightly faster installs, at least in my case.
** Now the user won't be asked to ignore required firmware version or not, as that can be configured on the config.
** Sleep-mode is disabled now in order to avoid to interrupt installs.
** Now all the NSPs inside a directory can be installed in a row (see below).

* USB installs:
** USB installs have been improved into a new feature: remote PC browser!
** Now you can directly browse your PC, plus any drives connected to it, as a regular filesystem, same as SD card or console memory.
** It is also worth to mention that the new USB command system seems to be way, WAY more stable than any previous USB system in Goldleaf!
** Anyway, always keep in mind that it might freeze or cause bugs with folders with tons of files.

* File systems:
** Presenting the new, remade USB system: remote PC browsing!
*** Instead of a simple connection, it's a whole filesystem implementation over USB.
*** Browse your PC (Windows-only with Goldtree) directly from Goldleaf! Any extra drive inserted browsable by the PC will be browsable here.
*** Since USB drives' support (fsp-usb service in Atmosphere) is still being worked on, you can use this system with drives inserted in your PC in order to browse or install files from there.
** Two simple, QoL features have been added to filesystems (to directories in this case): the option to install all NSPs within the directory, and the option to set the archive bit on it.

* UI
** For now on, Goldleaf main color will continue to be golden, but the "secondary" color along with gold is going to be blue.
** Therefore, both the icon and the main themes have been changed.

* Goldleaf auto-updating:
** Now Goldleaf supports updating itself, since https was supported on dkP. (this means direct access to GitHub for version checking and asset downloading)
** Nevertheless, now Goldleaf's NSP is a forwarder, what means that just by updating the NRO you will target Goldleaf from HOME menu as always.
** You can even upgrade the installed version if you want to!
** As you may suppose, this requires internet connection :)

* Amiibo dumping support
** A new option has been added to the main menu, which adds support to dump real amiibos to be used with emuiibo.
** Obviously, emuiibo 0.3 format is used. Please ensure you're also using the latest emuiibo version!