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Lunar Magic v3.10

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update ,

Es wurden mehrere Änderungen für Layer-3-Wellen vorgenommen; bspw. können diese jetzt höher sein, als im Originalspiel und das vertikale Scrollen in solchen Leveln ist möglich. Näheres seht ihr unten im Changelog.


* added support for tides in horizontal levels that are taller than in the original game. 
* added support for having vertical scroll in tide levels when you use the "Constant" vertical scroll option for layer 3. 
* made the layer 3 auto-vertical scroll options detect tides to support vertical scroll of the level. 
* added support for negative Y scroll offsets for layer 3 and greatly expanded the possible range of values (-400 to 3FF) to better allow for adjusting the tide height. The layer 3 scroll offsets are also now displayed in units of 16x16 tiles instead of pixels. 
* made it possible to have tides in horizontal levels that are 1-2 screens wide if you enable the advanced bypass settings in LM. 
* added support for tides in vertical levels if you enable the advanced bypass settings in LM (minimum level height of 2 screens required). 
* added a new setting for layer 3 that lets you make the tides act as water, 3 types of lava, solid, or tiles 0x200-0x20A. 
* added a new setting that makes sprites beyond level boundaries interact with air instead of water, which should usually be turned on for tides. 
* added ExportSharedPalette, ImportSharedPalette, ExportAllMap16, ImportAllMap16, ExportMultLevels, ImportMultLevels, TransferLevelGlobalExAnim, TransferOverworld, TransferTitleScreen, TransferCredits, ExportTitleMoves, ImportTitleMoves to command line functions. 
* added a separate "Auto-Set Number of Screens" option to the "Import Multiple Levels from File" dialog. 
* added an extra 0x10 pages for custom sprite Map16 data. 
* added a new ASM hack to make it so that revealing/destroying overworld layer 1 tiles will show tiles from the same page instead of temporarily showing tiles from page 0. 
* fixed an issue in the original game where castle tiles placed at Y=0xF or 0x2F on the overworld would not collapse correctly when destroyed. 
* fixed a crash bug from 3.00 that happened if you tried to right click to paste objects/sprites in a boss battle level that can't be rendered. Thanks goes out to TheBiob for reporting this. 
* fixed a bug from 2.30 where using the %5 placeholder in custom user toolbars would cut off the rest of the string. Thanks goes out to SmokedSeaBass for reporting this.