ModMii v6.2.0 – Letzte Version

XFlak hat ModMii aktualisiert – vorerst zum letzten Mal. Es wird nur noch Bugfixes geben – wenn denn Bugs auftreten oder ein neues Wii-Update erscheint.



  • Added IOS62 to Active IOS downloads.
  • Updated ModMii’s Shop Channel download to v21.
  • Added support for new neek2o revs with separate di modules for SD\USB (i.e. dimodule-usb.elf and dimodule-sd.elf)
  • Postloader forwarder updated from v3 to v4
  • MyMenuify Mod updated from v1.4 to v1.5
  • Replaced\mirrored nusad google code download links with dropbox links.
  • Updated WiiFlow download to grab the most recent version hosted here:
  • Replaced Joyflow with WiiFlow because WiiFlow can now run via an emulated NAND and JoyFlow is no longer being developed. Also replaced JoyFlow forwarder with WiiFlow v14b forwarder.
  • Added instructions for users to manually save DML (or Dios Mios) WADs to temp\DML so ModMii can find them. Also disabled ModMii’s ability to automatically download versions hosted online because the DML devs keep changing how\where there files are saved and I do not want to mirror their downloads elsewhere.
  • This update is most likely going to be the last ModMii update. There’ll probably only ever be another update if there’s a bug, another nintendo update, a bug-free alternative for MMM with wiimote+ support, or if an old friend asks me for a favour. This project has been a lot of fun for me; I’ve learned a lot and made a lot of friends along the way that will last a lifetime. I want to thank everyone for their support during this crazy adventure, I will truly cherish every minute of it. And while I won’t be actively working on ModMii anymore, I don’t plan on disappearing so I’ll still be around to answer questions. Also, you’ll hopefully hear more from me when I eventually create my "XFlak" webpage for my other small projects that I’ve been working on, so keep your eyes peeled for that. And if you’re an old friend reading this, even if it’s 10 years from now, you should still be able to reach me via my email address. Thanks everyone, it’s been real.