NDS-Bootstrap v0.10.1

Hier ist noch ein Update für NDS-Bootstrap.


ROMs lassen sich wieder in den RAM laden, was zu einer höheren Geschwindigkeit führt (sogar schneller als Original!) und Soundprobleme behebt – ROMs mit einer Größe von <= 24 MB werden immer in den RAM geladen. Mehr Thumb-Spiele (wie Dragon Quest V) und frühere SDK5-Spiele (Classic Word Games, My Healthy Cooking Coach, Assassin’s Creed 2: Discovery) funktionieren jetzt auch.

* Two features that got removed since the cart speed implementation, are returning:
* * ROM loading into RAM: Brings slightly faster than cart speeds. ROMs with the size of 24MB (8MB for DSi) or lower, will be loaded into RAM.
* * ROMs loaded into RAM will also have no sound issues (crackles and/or double sound).
* * Async prefetching: Helps streamed video/audio play without issues.
* More thumb games are now working, such as Dragon Quest V!
* Earlier SDK5/TWLSDK games (when SDK4 was still used for NTR mode games) now work, such as Classic Word Games, My Healthy Cooking Coach, and Assassin's Creed II: Discovery (that also using thumb)!