NDS-Bootstrap v0.33.0

NDS-Bootstrap v0.39.0 In den letzten 7 Tagen aktualisiert

Spielt in Verbindung mit TWLMenu++ DS-Spiele und -Homebrews von der SD-Karte ab.

Entwickler shutterbug2000, ahezard
Dateigröße 441,01 kB
Letztes Update

Die "äußerst beliebte" Spender-ROM ist zurück und kann für SDK5-Spiele eingesetzt werden, wenn diese nicht booten wollen. Dazu muss der Spender auch ein SDK5-Spiel sein! Auch bootet "WarioWare: Do It Yourself" wieder.


What's new?
* Remember when we needed a Mario Kart DS ROM for SDK3-4 games to work or save?
The ROM acted as a Donor ROM, and what that means, is that nds-bootstrap grabs the donor's arm7 binary, replacing the original ROM's arm7 binary, in order for the save patches to work, and there was a few side effects as a result.
Considering that we implemented more save patches, why am I talking about this? Because guess what?
The Donor ROM feature is back!
Why, you may ask? Because there's a few SDK5 games that still don't boot, because the save patches aren't working for those games, and it is unknown why.
Now that we re-added Donor ROMs, these games will now successfully boot:
-Anpanman to Touch de Waku Waku Training
-Layton Kyouju to Majin no Fue (Japanese version of Professor Layton and the Specter)
-Mimi's Party Fun
-and around 30-ish more... (and no, this doesn't include Golden Sun: Dark Dawn)
Unlike last time, where you just needed to set Mario Kart DS as a Donor ROM, you can now set any regular SDK5 DS game as a Donor ROM!
.ini parameter: DONOR_NDS_PATH = pathOfNdsFile

Bug fixes
* WarioWare: DIY and Jam with the Band no longer shows An error has occurred.
* B4DS: Heap is now always shrunk by 16KB for 64MB ROMs or lower.
Does not apply to users with the Memory Expansion Pak.