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New Super Ultimate Injector for 3DS Beta 27

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Asdolo hat eine neue Beta seines All-In-One-Injectors für den 3DS veröffentlicht.


Famicom-Disk-System-Spiele lassen sich jetzt injizieren, außerdem wurde ein Tool zum Extrahieren und Packen von CIAs hinzugefügt. Forwarder für VirtuaNES, gpSP und mGBA können nun auch erstellt werden; zudem wurden einige Fehler behoben – so wurden GBA-CIAs manchmal nicht erstellt, wenn Patches angewendet wurden und Cheats für den SNES9x-Forwarder funktionierten nicht. Auch kann in der Datenbank manuell nach Metadaten und Bildern gesucht werden und eine Warnung wird angezeigt, wenn bei GBA- und FDS-Injections das BIOS fehlt.

Den vollständigen Commit-Log seht ihr unten.


* Added default overscan crop setting configuration
* Extract & rebuild banner in the CIA editor window
* Let user export CIA without providing icon/banner images
* Add a warning if the Bios is missing in GBA and FDS injectors
* Changed the text of the Ok/Cancel buttons in the Games database searcher
* Close tooltips when the mouse cursor isn't on the item anymore
* Updated RetroArch Forwarders base CIAs
* Fixed missing .cia extension when exporting a CIA file if the Project name has a dot character
* Force GBC roms to load into "GB mode" in the GB injector
* Added a manual database search function for missing metadata/images
* Added an alternative Virtual Console Injection Method to both GB and GBC injectors
* Renamed injection methods in NES, FDS, GB and GBC injectors
* Forced Famicom controllers image when swapping them with L+R+Y in FDS Virtual Console and NES Virtual Console if the selected banner is Famicom or Famicom Disk System
* Added Download Play support to FDS Virtual Console
* Updated Old NES VC to 0.127b
* Added the missing stretch options for VirtuaNES
* Fixed a compilation issue
* Added an (unfinished) option to crop overscan in NES VC and forwarders plus some bugfixes
* Added incompatible chips to SNES VC blacklist
* Added gpSP and mGBA forwarders
* Fixed console freezing when going into sleep in Home Menu with VirtuaNES
* Fully working VirtuaNES forwaders (for NES and FDS platforms) and some bugfixes
* Changed GBA VC maximum screen ghosting from 255 to 254
* Fixed cheats files and the pixel perfect resolution in snes9x for 3ds forwarders
* Fix .csproj to check for MdiTabControl.dll in current dir.
* Fixed some games going too fast if Download Play were activated in NES VC
* Added a CIA extract and rebuild tool
* FDS injection and some bugfixes
* Fixed Snes9x fullscreen resolution
* Made the Core Options Editor window resizable
* Added GB cart color preview
* Fixed a bug that caused the config.ini file and the Library not to be saved where they should be saved in some systems
* Fixed a bug that caused GBA VC CIAs not to be generated when using sleep/reset patches sometimes
* Fixed GB/GBC border being black by default
* Fixed default GB VC Palettes save into config.ini
* Save last paths to the config.ini
* Added ukrainian translation!
* Increased Title ID characters from 4 to 5
* Set project name as default filename for a CIA
* Added more chips to SNES VC blacklist