NitroHax v0.98.NTR

NitroHaxNitroHax hat erneut ein Update erhalten.


Der verbesserte Card-Reset-Code des NTR Launchers wird jetzt benutzt. Näheres im Changelog!

- Now using improved card reset code from NTR Launcher. Instead of a full power cycle sequence a slot power on is performed. It only does this if cart was ejected/slot was powered off during boot. Card init otherwise works fine provided access control settings for the DSi Extended header do not have the slot set to NTR mode. If slot isn't in NTR mode, card init can occur without power cycling the slot. ;)
- NAND bit is now set in 0x1b8 of DSi Extended header. As a result initial configuration of SCFG_EXT is no longer necessary. This code is now disabled. (SCFG_EXT still gets set when it switches into NTR mode) SCFG_CLK is still set to help mitigate load times and ensure Boot Splash plays full speed. (and to allow TWL clock speeds for games if the user presses select anytime while using the menu)